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Hi every body

here some news from Arnaud

Dear Buyus,

The new season has begun and even though we are still training in the rokkon shôjô (theme 2010), I thought it would be interesting for the many beginners joining our dôjô in September and October to get good foundations in taijutsu. For this reason I will have a 5 DAYS INTENSIVE FOUNDATION Seminar in Paris at the end of October (hopefully from the Sat 23rd to the Wed 27th of October). We are still negociating the details so you cannot book yourself in right away. It will be the 2nd time only that a seminar like that is given in Europe. It is a rare opportunity to really understand the interaction of the basics whatever your technical level.
Also and in order to help you review or prepare your next ranks I have recompiled our Solkan dvds into a new series, the « foundation sets ». These four sets of dvds will accompany you in your training evolution and help you to understand the depth of the bujinkan system. The foundation series cover the tenchijin ryaku no maki and the basics of buki waza.
For the really advanced practitioners, the buki set gives also the opportunity to enter the world of kaeshi waza (counter techniques). Those techniques are not covered in the kyû series material.

I hope to meet you on the mats soon!

Arnaud Cousergue
Bujinkan Shihan

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