Daruma Daruma

Shiro Kuma


Sunday’s classes were quite interesting. The first session was directed by Noguchi Daishihan, and we covered some techniques from the Jin Ryaku no Maki of the tenchijin. As always his interpretation was mindblowing. Nothing new but a fresh understanding. These techniques that I have been learning with him for more than twenty years, and that I’m teaching regularly in my dôjô, seem to contain new essence each time I have the chance to train them in Japan. As you know I am a « tenchijin freak » and these techniques are always full of insights. To me these Jin Ryaku techniques are exactly like the Kihon happô or the sanshin no kata of the Ten Ryaku.

Then it was time for sensei’s class. After drying the sweat and putting up a new t-shirt, sensei arrived and asked my friend José to begin the class. José did a technique against double Tsuki ending…

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