Kokoroe And Jihi no Kokoro

Shiro Kuma

hsjihiIn Japanese  心得 knowledge is kokoroe. Interestingly it is made up of two kanji 心, « shin » which is kokoro (heart, mind) and 得, « u » that has the meaning of: to get; to acquire; to obtain; to earn; to win; to gain; to secure. 
Therefore, acquiring kokoroe (knowledge) is seen by the Japanese as obtaining things through a better heart, a better mind and not « intellectual knowledge » as we see it in the West. 
And this definition reminds me of what Takamatsu sensei in wrote in a text called: « Essence of Ninjutsu », in which he defines the 慈悲の心, the jihi no kokoro or « benevolent heart » of the ninja. 
He writes: « Stronger than love itself, the benevolent heart is capable of encompassing all that constitutes universal justice and all that finds expression in the unfolding of the universal scheme. Born of the insight attained from repeated exposure to the very brink between life and death…

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