Norikae: Change Your Mindset

Shiro Kuma


Do you think Hatsumi sensei is reading my blog? we can think so because in today’s class he gave us the next level to understand the Henka article.

I was asked to begin the class with some taijutsu technique. Uke attacks with a fist at short distance and by moving up and down, left and right you pull him down softly at your feet once uke’s balance is broken. Quoting Noguchi sensei in class today I would say it was a juppô sesshô technique. Hatsumi sensei did many henka around that, not using force at all, grabbing the fingers, crushing the nails having uke dance like a fool with pain. At one point he turned to me and said: « Norikae! ». Totally taken by surprised I said the only logical thing: « nani? » (what?). Sensei explained that the new taijutsu he is developing these days the key was to understand the possible changes…

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