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JULY 8th, 9th, 10th


For the 9th time the Yurô Shi Tennô Taikai is on its way. Pedro, Peter, Sven and Arnaud will teach together in Paris in the 3 rooms of the Bujinkan France Dôjô.

This year the theme of the seminar covers the different aspects of the “Bujinkan Kihon Happô” as it is taught these days in Japan by Hatsumi sensei. It is not limited to the 8 forms but includes the spirit and ways of the 9 schools, including the weapons.

As always we will divide the group of 150 participants into 4 levels of ranks to give you the best learning experience. Each day 5 to 6 sessions of training will give the chance to train in small groups (30+) with each one of the Shi Tennô.

  • The free T-shirt for this event will be given on the first day so please don’t forget to tick the size box when registering.
  • A diploma will be given to each participant at the end of the YSTT at the cocktail party organized Sunday afternoon.
  • Food will be as good and hot as last year and will be cooked by our “chef” Jean-Marie (1 star). Tick the meal box (regular or vegie).
  • Lodging is free at the dôjô as usual as long as you bring a sleeping bag. Please inform us before coming. Extra: if you wish to stay at the dôjô for a few days, before or after the YSTT, it is possible and free. Take a chance to discover Paris in Summer.
  • Prebooking is mandatory as we are limited to 150 as usual. Be one of the first to join in.

 please register now HERE   »


Les N91 pour ceux qui le peuvent le YSTT est un stage anuel important pour notre entrainement.

Que vous soyez débutant ou avancé, la rencontre avec les 4 grands maîtres européens vous sera riche en enseignement.

Je ne peux que vous conseillez d’ y participer. Ce sera un beau moment à partager ensemble.



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